Wednesday, December 20, 2006

10 Wierd Things Meme

Okay, Bec tagged me for another Meme. I have already done this one, kind of. It's 10 weird things...when I did it before, it was only six. So, here's the original :
1. I have long toes which I can use like fingers to pick things up when my hands are full. I can also use them to pinch really hard. My husband and kids HATE this. I also used to terrorize my siblings with this oddity.
2. Despite what most people think, I am pretty shy and have a hard time making new friends.
3. I'm obsessed with having a neat - clear desk.
4. I HATE feet. I think that they're gross. I don't like to look at or touch them. Well, babies are the exception to this rule.
5. I got battleship pieces stuck in both nostrils (at the same time) when I was a kid.
6. I am scared to death of Freddy Krugar (from the Nightmare on Elm Street Movies).
Now here goes with the rest:
7. I love to drink cheap wine.
8. When I eat out, I keep the table clean, wiped, and pick up after my kids as if we were at home.
9. Mice scare me. I know they're small and they cannot hurt me. They still freak me out!!!
10. I could eat Mexican food 7 days a week.

Since I've already tagged folks for this one, I'm going to leave this one as an open invitation to do it if you wish. If ya do, leave a comment and I'll add your link to this post!

5 comments, add yours here:

Mike said...

I think it's nice that you clean up after your kids when you are out. I've seen some horror scenes while eating out and people letting their kids throw food and such. Good job.

David said...

You pinch people with your toes, but yet you hate feet? That should have been #6.

Gareth said...

I tried to do this a little while ago and I only managed to come up with two things and I'm not even kidding lol :P

LOL @ #5 - I guess the ships just saw a couple of tunnels and thought they were on the right course ;)

Tisha said...

Thanks, Mike! : )

David, Yep!

Gareth, tee hee...that's such a funny story. People really laugh a lot when I tell it. *LOL*
Btw, itw as hard for me to narrow it down for my list! I'm just wierd all around.

Skittles said...

That toenail thing still creeps me out LOL