Monday, November 06, 2006

Wedding Songs

I went to a wedding Friday afternoon and they played the cutest song as their "walk out" song. The preacher pronounced them man and wife and they faced the church and then James Brown shouts, "I Feel Good". It was the cutest thing ever. The whole church cracked up. It was just a great/fun idea.
My sister's husband insisted that when he walked out that the song "A Country Boy Can Survive" be played. So, it its entirety. : ) I was in the wedding, so I didn't get to see 'cause I wasn't out yet. But, everyone says that he stood up there mouthing the words to the song.

Anyone else have any interesting wedding song stories?

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Anna said...

Thats really cute! Cant think of such lovely wedding story at the moment but you can definitely peep into my wedding blog and share some of your thoughts and lemme know how you like it!!Keep blogging!!