Friday, November 17, 2006

Tyler's visit

I met my MIL at the dr's office with my son. His pediatrician looked at his ears and said at first they looked fine. But, then he dug lots of wax out of his way so he could see really deep into the canal and said that it was definitely red down inside. The little one was on a trial basis with the understanding that if we came in again for an ear infection that we'd just do tubes. So, we have to go Monday afternoon for a consult with an ear, nose, throat doctor. Please keep my family in your prayers. I know they do thousands of these types of procedures a day, but I am still very scared, nervous, worried, etc about MY baby boy having this done.

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Mike said...

I hope all goes well with Tyler. My thoughts go out to him and you.

Barb said...

Poor little guy. My oldest grandson has been plagued with ear problems and has gone the route of tubes. Stay strong, Mom! Hugs to Tyler.