Wednesday, November 08, 2006

*Peepee In The Potty*

My little boy is fifteen months. He has been going to "peepee" and "poopoo" in the potty! My mother in law keeps him during the day and she has been taking him when she goes. She puts him on the little potty chair. Yesterday he kept a dry diaper all day long. We went through this with my little girl as well. She did really great when she was younger and then just quit using it. So, I am not getting my hopes up, but it sure would be nice to get him outta diapers! : )
Everyone sing with me now...Peepee in the potty, peepee in the potty!!! Shake your booty now! : ) C'mon!

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Mike said...

I remember those days. I sure was glad when they got the hang of it.

Tisha said...

Yeah, it'll be nice not to have to change any diapers. I know we have a long road ahead, but it'll happen some day!

Barb said...

Wow.. that's VERY young for a boy. Most don't train until after they're 3! Now be a good mommy and teach him to aim lol.

Tisha said...

I don't know if he's trying to potty train or not. He's not being consistant. We're just going to take it slow and not push him too hard on it.
Men can't aim can they? Well, not "that" anyway. They can aim a gun, etc...but not their "peepee". : )