Tuesday, November 14, 2006

How did you find me?

I like to read how people come to find my site. : ) With my site meter, you can do this. I just wanted to post this to show you all the funny ways that people found my CRAZY blog!
Google Search: "funny pregnancy quotes"
"she ran over him"
How did YOU find me?

4 comments, add yours here:

Mike said...

I don't remember exactly, but I think it was through a link on someone elses comments or sidebar.

Barb said...

Hehee.. you found me. Then I found you back!

Tisha said...

I think I found you through Barb, Mike. : )

Barb, I found you on The Bestest Blog of All Times!

Rebecca said...

I found you in elementary school. Even though you turned me down the first time for a sleepover, you eventually got around to staying over....and beating me at tetherball...and sharing my gloves swinging...and many, many more things. :)

Seventeen years later, I still love you, honey-bunch!