Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tha Haunted House

I posted earlier about my tremendous fear of the movie character Freddie Kruger. There is a pretty funny story to go along with that. I LOVE to watch scary movies. But, what I love even more than that is to watch them with my sister. She is fun because she gets really scared when she watches them. She will also NOT sit close to the television, and has to sit RIGHT beside you. We seem to feed off of one another when we watch them. Those great movies that seem almost real while you're watching them are the best. Well, I have always loved to watch the Nightmare On Elm Street Movies. We grew up watching them. I don't ever remember having nightmares of Freddie, just always being scared of him. Well, every year we would go to a haunted house on Halloween, my sister and I. We loved to go. The anticipation while we were standing in line was so great! I remember being so scared to go in and almost wanting to back out, but making myself go on in. Sister always made me go in first. I guess if I got slashed, she'd run over me and take off leaving my lifeless body behind! I was always so scared of the "Freddie" in the haunted house! One year we were walking through and we were almost to the end of the haunted house. I remember thinking to myself that we got out of there without seeing Fred this year, whew...thank goodness! Then, as we rounded the corner we saw some blinking red lights. There he stood, between me and the exit. The man...dressed in black pants with that burnt red and black striped long sleeved shirt. I stood still for a moment, in shock perhaps. Then the only thing I remember after that is running. I ran. I ran fast. I ran until I was standing outside the building. The people waiting in line were watching me run. I finally stopped. It seemed like forever before my sister joined me in the parking lot. She laughed and held up something in her hands. I squinted and as she got closer I realized what she was holding. I felt on my pants. She had been hanging on to me by my belt loops so that we could keep up with each other inside the dark building. She was holding a belt loop in her right hand and a belt loop in her left hand. I was missing two belt loops from my pants! I had ran out on her so fast that the belt loops ripped right off my pants. We laughed all the way home.

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Rebecca said...

And here I thought that you loved watching scary movies with ME?!

I was there for that haunted house, but I always thought it was the young sister that came out with was a really good haunted house!

Tisha said...

I do love watching scary movies with you, Bec. : ) But, Mandy is funny 'cause she gets genuinely scared.

It was. I think they still have it. I would like to go again. I know you have to wait for hours to go through it.

Mike said...

This reminds me of when I took my son to a haunted barn ( it was on a farm) and just before we went in, 2 girls came screaming out of the entrance. My son got pretty scared and even more so about half way through. I ended up calming him down by telling him that the characters couldn't touch us. It was fun though.

Skittles said...

I'm a fan of scary movies.. maybe not the hack and slash variety, but I've seen them anyway!

You must have been FLYING out of there! lol