Thursday, November 16, 2006


We got lots of fun coming up. My little girl and my sister's little girl are 11 days apart. So, cousin is having a birthday this Saturday. Then we have Thanksgiving Thursday. Next Saturday is my little girls 4th birthday party. We're having it at McDonald's. We got an invitation today for a girl in her class. The friend's party is at 1:00. Shelby's party is at 3. So, I guess we'll go for friend's party and stay for her own! *LOL*

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Mike said...

But will you still have your sanity after that much time with all those kids?? lol. Have fun.

Tisha said...

Ahhh...sanity schmanity! Who needs it anyhow. Maybe some day when my kids are grown I'll find it. 'Till then I'm probably better off without it anyhow. heh heh