Monday, November 20, 2006

Awful Monday

Today has started out to be a crappy day. I was supposed to go to Jackson, MS for business this afternoon. Since I have to take my son to see the surgeon today, that is not going to be possible. I called the hotel to cancel my reservation and they inform me of their cancellation policy, 48 hours prior to arrival time. This is NOT what I wanted to hear. I inform the reservationist that I am not going to be able to make my trip due to a family medical emergency. She them puts me on a long hold to which I am jamming out to "easy listening" elevator music. She finally comes back and says that she can't do anything for me. I could fax over medical documentation to "Billy" the manager who is "in a meeting" and he could decide on whether or not to "reverse" the transaction after it is already charged to my card. So, I sent him the following letter: Please Call Me AT xxxxxxxxxx regarding Conf # xxxxx. Cindy advised me that you were in a meeting but that only you had the final decision for cancellations for reservations that were less than two days prior to stay. I have a medical emergency that is keeping me from coming to the training seminar that my company is holding at your facility. My son will be seeing a surgeon today and I will be unable to make the trip do to this fact. I can provide medical documentation of this after our visit this afternoon if need be. But, I would be greatly appreciative if you could cancel this reservation for me. I understand that our company generates a lot of business for you so I would hope that this would help in your decision. Please call me at the above mentioned number before 2 pm today. If you cannot reach me at the office before 2pm, my cell number is xxxxxxxxxx. Since we will be meeting with the surgeon after 2, I may be unavailable after then. I do have voice mail. I would greatly appreciate your compassion for me and my family in this matter. Please grant me this one time exception. Thank you sincerely for your concern in this matter.

We'll see if I hear anything.

Crappy Monday!! : (

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Mike said...

You'd think they would have a heart and let you off the hook for the bill. I hope so. And best of luck at the surgeons.