Thursday, October 26, 2006


I was looking for something in my purse earlier and noticed that my wallet was missing! I immediately began to panic. I looked all around, went out to my truck to look...dug through the stale cheddar goldfish, cookie crisp, and honey grahams to no avail. It wasn't there either. I tried to rethink my day yesterday, now I have a huge headache from that. (Is there something you can take for memory...seriously I need something) I went to Curves after I left work yesterday. My hubby drove my truck and I drove his, 'cause he was so nice to go pick up the kids while I worked out. Well, I called him and it was not in his truck. Now I am in super panic mode. I ask my boss if I can go home to see if it's there. If not I am going to have to get on the phone and try to call and cancel cards, etc. I drove home in a frenzy and thank goodness there it lay right beside the door where i usually sit my purse! I sit it right inside the "office". There is a child gate there, but yesterday Brien was home and had taken it down while he was home alone. I think that Tyler might've gotten in there and pulled it out before I caught him playing with the computer and put the gate back up. So, anyhow...crisis avoided and all is well once again. Whew...

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