Wednesday, October 25, 2006


seemed to be feeling a little better this morning. He was still really clingy. Hopefully when I pick him up this afternoon he'll be feeling lots better. I sure do hope that he sleeps well tonight. : (

We bought our house last October and remodeled the master bedroom. We just finished it enough where we could move into it. In the meantime we've shared a room with Tyler. He would wake in the middle of the night and we'd just put him in bed with us. We never did this with Shelby. She very rarely slept with us, in fact she always slept BETTER in her own bed. She would sleep with us from time to time if she was sick or woke up in the night with a bad dream, etc. But, it was never a habit. So, anyhow I have never had to deal with this as an issue. It's really hard. I guess when I know he is well...maybe I'll start tonight I am going to just try the tough love approach. I am going to just let him cry and fall back to sleep on his own. He's got to learn to sleep in his own bed, own room, alone. : (
Does that make me a horrible mom?

One of my customers said she did this with both of her children (as babies). She would lay them down and if they cried, she would comfort them for no more than two minutes at a time. She'd wait in five minute intervals. First five minutes, before going in for a one to two minute comforting, then ten minutes, fifteen, etc. NEVER pick them up. Only pat them on the back, butt, etc. Talk sweetly to them and tell them that it's okay. Don't give in and after 30 minutes pick them up, then you've wasted the whole time. She said that every night that the time got shorter and shorter that she had to go in there 'till eventually they'd sleep through the night. So, I know that it won't be so "picture perfect" for me to try it. But, I am going to have to do something. He's gotta be a big boy sometime!!!
Wish me luck.

Anyone have any pointers for me on this one? In case you were wondering, he's 14 months old.

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David said...

I like the tough love approach. Never heard of the 5 minute thing, but it makes sense. I will have to ask renee what we did, she remembers stuff like that much better than i do.