Thursday, October 26, 2006

It's Supermom!

Found this neat article at and thought I'd share my Supermom Horoscope.

Just ask any mom, and they'll tell you: motherhood is a world unto itself. Every Sun Sign brings a unique set of characteristics to its native. Put the two together and see how planetary influences shape and color how a mother treats her special child.

Our moms can sometimes be quirky, stern, supportive, and fickle - and at first you may think this behavior is something you did - either wrong or right - for better or for worse. The truth is that it may be a product of planetary influence. What makes your mom so super? Check out your mother's special recipe - straight from above!

Here's my mom's:
(August 22 - September 22)
When Virgo Mom packs your lunch in the morning, they'll remember the spoon fork, napkin, AND special surprise snack for the late afternoon. They want nothing more than for you to be happy and healthy and will go to the ends of the Earth to see that this happens. Just make sure to call if you're going to be late - or else they will simply be sick with worry!

and mine:
(October 23 - November 21)
Nowhere will you find a more loyal servant than your Scorpio Mother. She is honest, trustworthy, and not afraid to tell it like it is. At times it may feel as if she is meddling too much in your own life, but this is only because she cares for you more than anything else in the whole wide world.

(yes, I do have a birthday coming up in case you were wondering)

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