Thursday, October 19, 2006


My internet buddy David is trying really hard to make my blog cool like his with a background picture. I found one and he's sent me a new template but I can't make it work. : (

Maybe someday my blog will be as cool as David's. He is trying to share his coolness, but I am so NOT cool that I am being rejected by the coolness. *LOL*

Anyhow, hopefully he'll figure out what I am doing wrong and tell me and I can make my blog more bearable for the readers...him and my mom. : )

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David said...

I see the problem. . . you have me working on it LOL. I am trying I PROMISE!!

Rebecca said...

Don't I count as a reader?!

David said...

Oh, and you are WAY cool!


Tisha said...

Bec, I was being a bit sarcastic. I have more than two readers, I know of at least 5...not counting the guy that said my life was boring. : ) Heh heh