Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Poor Puppy Dog

Yesterday, my husband had to go home mid day to get some paperwork he needed from our office. Well, he said he went in the house and he no sooner had the door shut before someone was beating on the door. He opened it and it was the neighbor lady. She wanted him to know that he should probably check on our dog.

She said that they'd heard him whimpering and went out to check on him.
Brien had a tarp up over his pen to keep the hot sun off him this summer, well we had a bad storm over the weekend and it had torn the tarp up and it was hanging down in his pen. He had somehow gotten this tarp wrapped around his belly and could not move. She told my husband that he was "lifeless" and out of breath when they got to him. Her husband cut the tarp from his belly and cut the remainder of the tarp from the top of the pen. She said he seemed to be okay, just not his normal self.

When we got home last night, his belly seemed really swollen to me, but Brien said he looked okay. I took him in the house and gave him a bath and he got lots of extra lovies last night.

If it hadn't been for our neigbor, we'd have come home to a dead Bingo! : (
Yesterday after I picked Shelby up we went by Wal-Mart and got her a Thank you card. It was cute, it had a puppy on the front of it and said on the inside Thank you for taking care of our angel. : ) It had paw prints on the card. It was perfect. We also picked out a pretty flower for her. She said that she hoped we didn't think she was a nosy neighbor. I am GLAD she was there for him!!!
Thanks, neighbor.

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David said...

Nice to have good neighbors. That would have been a horrible story.

Becca said...

ohmygosh! I'm so glad that Bingo is okay...how scary!!