Friday, September 01, 2006

Concert Update

Last night was the BIG NIGHT! It was a BLAST, folks. Here's a quick update. It was an awesome show. I highly reccomend it to anyone who loves music. ROCK ON, man!!

Hinder was the first act. They sing "Lips of an Angel". I LOVE THAT SONG!! :) They put on an awesome show. The lead singer reminded me of Steven Tyler...kinda looked like him and acted A LOT like him. Anyhow, they put on a great show. I loved 'em. They also sing "Get Stoned". That was a fun song to do live...when they were doing that one, there was a smell of herb in the air! *LOL*

Next up was Chevelle who rocked on. I didn't enjoy them as much, probably 'cause I wasn't as familliar with their music. They are from Chicago and it seemed to me, and I may be way off base, but they kinda acted like they didn't really care to be in Arkansas, and didn't really rock out as well as the other bands did. They didn't really talk. Between EVERY song, the lights were out. They did have some cute montages of a guy talking between some of the songs that was pretty cool...maybe that's on their cd. I don't really know. But, it was pretty cool.

Hoobastank was the final opening act. They were cool also. Ya know them for sure...they sing The Reason, Crawling in the Dark, etc. They did an awesome job as well.

Nickelback rocked out! I am not kidding, guys. They had awesome pyrotechnics, light shows and their drummer was SO hot! Man, I loved that guy. I asked my husband if I could bring him home and he refused. : ( Daniel...I had sweet dreams about that guy. heh heh heh
Anyhow, I loved it. We had an awesome time. If you haven't seen them...DO IT!! They put on an awesome show. They played my favorite song...My Favorite Disease!! That was part of their encore show.

Chad, the lead singer of Nickelback told a cute joke that I want to pass's a little bit dirty, you've been warned!!

This guy wants to take his wife and kid fishing. The trouble is that his wife HATES to fish. So, he gives her two ways to get out of going. He tells her the two options, oral & anal. She opts for the oral option. Well, she proceeds to take care of business and halfway through she stops and looks up at her husband and tells him that he tastes like shit. He says, I know...the dog didn't wanna go either!


Have a GREAT FRIDAY everyone and a safe and fun holiday weekend!!!!!


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Renee' said...

WOOT!! It sounds like you had a great time.