Friday, August 04, 2006


whadda day!!!

I finally got a minute to sit down so I thought I'd post an update.
The hubby is out of town on a camping/4 wheeling/trout fishing trip. I got a call from him this afternoon letting me know that he made it there safely. : )
The kiddos are at memaw & papaw's house.

I took advantage of this opportunity to straighten this house up. It had became quite a disaster zone. So, anyhow since I'm going to be having company next week (I can't wait to see Bec!!) I wanted to try to clean this weekend and then I could just keep things straightened between now and then.

Next week (Wednesday, the 9th) Tyler will be one year old!!! So, we are having a birthday party for him Saturday. It's going to be a Curious George themed party. I hope it's great fun for him.

Next week will also be a big week for my little girl. She will start pre-school Monday. This will be the first time she's stayed with anyone but family or a close friend. So, I am a little nervous but the place that she is going to is a very good facility and I think that the first few days, mabye even the first couple of weeks it will be hard on all of us, but we'll get through and it'll be the best for all of us. They don't have a spot for the baby just yet, but they put him on a waiting list, so hopefully he'll be able to get in soon. But, it'll give memaw some great one on one time with him since the other kiddos will all be going to school this year. Tomorrow she and I are going to have a girl's day out and go do some shopping. We're going to buy some new school clothes. I think that'll make her a little more excited about going to school.

Everyone send good thoughts our way for Monday. I already have butterflies in my tummy!!

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Renee' said...

Yall will do fine. :) I know its hard to let them stay the first time and let them grow up. I dont want mine growing up but they do. I wish you the best come Monday :)