Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I'm sure you're sneaking in to find out how Shelby did this morning when I dropped her off at school. More importantly, how did MOM do today! *LOL*

We both did great. I felt so much better when I got there yesterday and saw such a great smile on her face and she was so excited to have made it through her first day of school on her own! She loves her teacher, Mrs Julie. Turns out that Mrs. Julie and her daddy went to school together. So, that made us all feel a little more at ease knowing that someone that we knew was taking care of her.

When we got there this morning, we beat Mrs. Julie there. Another teacher was with her class. Shelby did not like that one bit. She would not let me leave 'till HER teacher got there. When she saw Mrs. Julie walk in the door, she was all smiles and told me goodbye!!! Anyhow, she was very excited this morning when she got up and got dressed. I hope she has as great a day today as she did yesterday! I'll post an update tonight or tomorrow.

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David said...

Ahhhh Memories! We still talk about when our girls had their first days of school. Ashie actually still laughs when we pass by this church that had this program called "mothers day out", when we ride by she goes "there is that school I dropped out of!" LOL

Hope each day gets better with her going to school!!! For both of you!