Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Early for the visit!!

This morning I took Shelby to daycare and she did better. She did cry a little bit, but the class was standing up singing and dancing and she really enjoys that.

I took Tyler to the dr for his one year check up, shots etc and the receptionist politely informed me that I was one week early! *LOL* His appt wasn't until next Tuesday at 9am. So, they were completely booked up so I took a morning off work for no reason! So, I guess I'll go back next week for his visit!
I did take him to get his hair cut since I was so close. His curls were unreal, so I needed to get it cut. He did well. He didn't cry too bad. He looks so much better, like a big boy now. I have his little curl in an envelope in my truck. : ) I didn't cry!!