Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Suddenly on my blog there is no place to leave them. I must have changed something unknowingly. I tried to fix, but it doesn't look like you can add comments to the other posts.

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David said...

Why would you be pissed? Because his performance was horrible? Or because Jessica was telling him see you in the dressing room?

Tisha said...

heh heh heh...well, if another woman touched my husband like that in front of a live audience, they'd get to see a good beat down!!!

I didn't watch. How bad was the performance?

David said...

Thing is, pictures don't always tell the whole story. I mean she could have been patting him on the face and said "WOW, that REALLY sucked!" But this one picture out of 10,000 looks like something so they post it. You never know.

Lets see, his performance. I really liked the part at the end. You know? Where it ended. . . Not the music or anything, Just the part where it Stopped. :)

David said...

I don't know how I missed your anon comment that you lead a boring life. Uhh, your life doesn't seem boring to me. Amazing how people with such a happening life chose to post anon so nobody can go to their blog and see all the excitement that they have going on. Probably some 12 year old fat kid mad cause his mom won't let them finish off that pack of Oreo's.