Friday, August 18, 2006

Bad Morning

Well, this morning when I dropped Shelby off for daycare it was the worst morning so far. She had her little arms wrapped tightly around my neck and her long legs wrapped around my waist with big tears streaming down her face she cried, "Mommy, I love you PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME!!!" It was SO hard to leave her this morning. She cried like they were beating her as I walked out the door. She just kept saying that she hated school and she didn't like any of her teachers. Her favorite teacher was there this morning. Usually when she cries, that teacher will take her and she is fine. But, this morning when that teacher offered to take her, she cried worse. I didn't know what to do. But, I knew the longer I stayed there the worse it would be on her.

The teacher consoled me. I was on the verge of tears also. But, I held it back until I got out the door. She told me that a lot of kids do this. They are fine the first week when things are new and then they realize that they are going to do this every day and that mom is leaving them there with semi-strangers and the seperation anxiety sets in. So, hopefully she's okay by now. She's been crying a little worse every day this week. Well, this morning it started when she got out of bed. Then she cried all the way out to her memaw's house to drop Tyler off and then all the way back into town. Every time we made a turn toward the day care she would cry worse. It was hard on me too. I STILL have knots in my stomach.

I was thinking this morning that I might could just quit taking her, but then when she starts Kindergarten, she will pull the same thing and be disruptive to the learning environment and there will be no choice about her going then! So, I don't know...maybe it'll be better next week. She's going to have a sleep over with her Memaw tonight. I think that might be part of it that she is just missing her a lot and maybe that is why she is so upset about things. I dunno. But, next week she is the VIP so maybe that will ease her mind a little bit about things.