Friday, July 21, 2006

The Ride

I fell in love last night!!
Nope, not with my husband.
No, not with any man, are you crazy?!

I test drove an Avalanche!! I LOVED it. : )
We're in the market for a new vehicle. Right now I have a Dodge Ram Quad Cab. But, I really wanted to get out of a truck and get into a more SUV type vehicle. Well, prices on those are outrageous. So, a Chevy Avalanche would be a good compromise. So, we'll see...I'm not in any great hurry to get one. My boss had one when I first started here. He's since traded vehicles, but I drove his a lot and I loved it. So, hubby hadn't driven one yet. We went over and he did just that. This thing was loaded to the max. It had leather interrior, On Star, XM radio, Bose speakers, Sunroof, remote start, etc. It was awesome! We'll see how it pans out. We just started looking. So, maybe by the end of summer I'll have a new ride!!

Anybody have any comments on the Avalanche...stories good or bad?

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