Friday, July 14, 2006

The Doc

I took the little man back to the dr today for a "follow up" visit. He's been taking a sulpher antibiotic since last Friday. The good news is that his ears are clear. There is no infection. He said there is still a bit of fluid and that is probably why he is still pulling at it. So, we're now going to keep him on this sulpher antibiotic as a "preventative" for the next two months. If he gets an infection within this time while being on this preventative, we'll do tubes. If he takes this for the two months and immediately gets an infection when he gets off of it, we'll do tubes. If he looks like he's going to stay clear, we may not have to get tubes. It's just kinda all up in the air right now. The big thing is that the dr wants to wait 'till closer to winter before doing the tubes if we have to do them because they fall out on their own and we don't want this to happen before cold and flu season. So, we'll just have to take things day by day and see how he does.

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