Wednesday, July 12, 2006


So, at my sister's wedding I gave my camera to my little brother to take candid pictures of different things as the day progressed. Well, I do not remember what I did with my camera bag. : (

It is still misplaced over a week later. The worst thing about it is that it contains my charger for my battery located in my digital without it, once my battery goes dead, my camera is no good.
The bag was nice, it matched my video camera bag, but it wasn't anything extra special. I wasn't happy to lose it, but it can be easily replaced.
The charger, however was $36 by the time I paid shipping and handling. The worst part is that we're going to Dakota's birthday party tonight and my battery is almost dead.

It's pretty darn aggravating that it is lost. I doubt anyone stole it, cause it is no good to anyone else. It was a cheap-o wal-mart special. But, I figure that when I get my new charger in that it will turn up. That is usually the way things go, right. But, for now I'm waiting for my new charger to arrive UPS, and I guess I'll go to wal-mart and buy another bag.


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David said...

That does sound bad :(

I hope you had enough to get a few good pics before it died though.

Tisha said...

I did not even get one. : (
It was dead when I took it out of the bag. The good thing is that my sister in law's memory card was full, so I just put mine in her camera, so I'll still get some good pictures. I just have to take my card to wal-mart this weekend and get the pictures printed and then onto a disk.