Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Forty-Fifth Week In Your Baby's Development

Does Tyler have friends close to his age? Yes, baby Haven. But, we don't get to spend much time with her. He can benefit from spending time with other toddlers who are close in age right now. He does love to play with his big sister!! Interaction with adults is great, but adults tend to lead a child in play, whereas a playmate allows a child to both lead and follow. However, don't be surprised if Tyler and the playmate don't actually play together. Children at this age still engage more in parallel play, or playing next to each other. But Tyler will quickly learn to play with others and now is a great time to introduce the idea. Look into playgroups in your area if you have trouble finding another baby Tyler's age. Not only does Tyler understand more words now, but he is probably speaking more words as well. Nanny, Mommy, Daddy, Dog, Duck, Dakota, Sissy. He's said a few others here and there...but those he says a lot! He might be able to say several distinct words that clearly mean something to both him and you. Listen closely and be sure to praise him and respond. Your acknowledgement and attention are a reward and a great way to encourage him to continue learning and talking. Tyler may begin to exercise more independence from you right about now. He may venture away from you more often to investigate his surroundings, but will need to check back often for reassurance and comfort. Tyler may still become frightened if you disappear while he isn't looking. Let him know where you are so he will know that you'll be back in a moment. This builds his confidence. Does Tyler have a favorite song? As I mentioned in a previous post, he likes Shelby's sit and spin that plays music. He loves to dance! Tyler can remember and recognize familiar songs and will probably smile, laugh, and wiggle with you when he hears it. Dancing together is a great way for him to practice his balance and coordination, and for you to relax and have fun. C'mon, cut loose and groove like nobody's looking! Me & Shelby love to hold his hands and dance with him. It's great fun. We all laugh and I know it's good exercise for us too! : )

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