Monday, May 01, 2006

Weekend Update

Wow, what an exhausting weekend!

Tyler was sick. We had to take him to the doctor Saturday morning.
It's always so fun taking your children to the "saturday clinic".
We didn't get to see his doctor. So, I wasn't too pleased with that. The dr that we saw is a good doctor, I'm sure. Just not "our" doctor. It seemed to me that he was about as thrilled to be there as we were. He didn't really play with Tyler much or try to make him comfortable. Tyler grabbed his stethescope and tried to grab his glasses and with our usual dr, he would have played back and talked to Tyler. This doctor seemed to just want to diagnose him and get the heck outta there. So, anyhow he's got something that causes him to have a rash all over his hands and feet as well as the rest of his body. Something called "hand and foot" or something to that effect. It causes him to have little blisters in the back of his throat.

Needless to say we spent all weekend with a sick baby. He wanted to be held, rocked, talked to, played with. This is not like my little guy at all! Normally he is laid back and doesn't demand very much attention at all.

This was topped all off by a FULL day of CONSTANT rain on Saturday. So, we had to get him and Shelby in and out of the rain to go to the dr's office and to get his medicine on Saturday. Then we got some movies and went home and we watched 6 movies this weekend! *LOL* That is how boring our weekend was.
We watched: Fun with Dick & Jane(silly comedy), Hostel (wow, this one is gory!! Better have a strong stomach to watch it!!! The eyeball scene was outta this world. OHMY, I had to turn away for that one...not for the squemish), something with 50 or die tryin...(it was good, a typical gangsta rapper movie, ya seen one ya've seen 'em all) Something with Matthew McConnahottie about him being a sports guy who can predict games 2 for the money I think, (Ummm, you could watch this movie with the sound off and it'd be good just for the hottie factor. They do, however say the "F word" a lot!!) Dreamer (Disney movie with Dakota Fanning about a horse farm...pretty good, a great family movie. No cussing)

Tyler is still running fever today. I called his dr and the nurse said that it is common for them to run fever for 4-5 days with this and that I should just treat the fever and not worry.

Easy for her to say...a 9 month old with a fever of 102!!! Ah...hakunamattata!!!

Back to work.
Hapy Monday!

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