Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Week 41

If your baby seems more clingy than usual, he's probably feeling separation anxiety —perfectly normal for a 9-month-old. It's really a good sign, showing that he's now able to distinguish between the familiar and the unfamiliar. He may refuse to open her arms to other adults, even ones he knows, and he may find bedtime distressing because it separates him from mom and dad. Separation anxiety usually peaks between 10 and 18 months and then gradually fades. With extra cuddling and reassurance from you, he'll get through this stage and back to his social self.

It's so sweet when he wakes up in the mornings, he'll reach up for me and when I hold him he'll lay his little head on my shoulder and hug me. That, I tell ya is the greatest feeling in the world!! There is none better. : )

Teaching Tyler to feed himself can take a lot of practice and create quite a few big messes. (I looked for a bowl that Bec got for Shelby when she was little that had a suction cup on the bottom that made it stick to the high chair...can't find it, so yup. ..lots of messes to clean up) Keep in mind that this new skill will take some getting used to - be patient. It may seem more like play to Tyler in the beginning and more food may end up on the floor, the wall, (and in my hair) and him than down his throat. Be prepared for the fact that it will also take Tyler much longer to feed himself than it takes you to feed him. One other piece of advice: invest in a drop cloth or use an old shower curtain to protect the floor and make for easy cleanup, just until Tyler gets the hang of it. You may have re-read the same book to Tyler the past several nights because he would not stand for any other story. He is comforted by seeing the same images and hearing the same words over and over. Be patient and try slipping in a new story every once in a while. Tyler will also probably love books that have different textures on their pages or ones that make noise as you turn the page. Tyler may finally be mastering the fine art of sitting down by bending his knees. (He's really getting around now...into everything!! He can stand on his knees with great balance. He can also pull up on almost anything) This is a big improvement (in his eyes, no doubt) from sitting by falling down. Tyler may also have learned to wave bye-bye back to you as you leave. (Yup)

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