Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Thanks, I needed that

Bec posted something really sweet on her blog so I thought I'd share.

i am having a GREAT day, but...
my bestest friend since as long as I can remember isn't.

so i just wanted to say: i love you, T.T.

i love you for a million reasons, but ten of them are:
after 17 years(!), you still laugh at my jokes
you're always on my side
you listen and don't judge
you're a super fun dancer
you have a heart the size of texas and alaska combined
you are dependable
your singing
you're raising amazing little people that make the world better
you're my bestest friend

so, there!

In response to her blog, I felt an obligation to tell my faithful readers ten reasons different than mine why I love her so much, obviously some of the same reasons would apply, but here are a few different:

You are so freakin' smart...a great problem solver
You love to play and have fun like a kid
Your crazy car dancing
You are honest about everything
You have traveled a lot
You love children and are great with them (mine love you too)
You are a "forever friend" (wow, 17 years?)
I love getting e-mails from you and reading your blog (it makes my day)
prank phone calls
Swinging, tetherball

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Becca said...

Aahh, I love that list. You're wonderful and I'm so glad we have each other!!

I love you too, chica!