Monday, May 08, 2006

Playtime at 3 am!?!

So, at three o'clock this morning, my son decided it was playtime. Since we are STILL remodeling our master bedroom, we are STILL in the same room as my 9 month old son. He decided this morning that he really wanted to play. So, he stood up in his crib and began to play with his lullaby toy. It sings an assortment of songs and also has an illumination that shines on the ceiling for him to watch as he drifts off to sleep! *LOL*

Well, this morning he found the button that you can push on the front to change songs. He continuously pressed the button making the "It's Lullaby Time" that chants before the song sound like a rap song. It was so NOT FUNNY at three in the morning, eventhough I chuckle about it now. He finally went to sleep after being taken into the living room and rocked to sleep. But, this was after lots of persuasion.

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