Tuesday, May 30, 2006


So, yesterday morning as I mentioned in my last post I had to come in to work.
I wasn't happy with the fact that I had to work to begin with. I did get to come in an hour late. So, I got up and got a bath and had lots of time yesterday morning. But, when I got ready to leave I could not find my phone, watch, and phone holster. Keep in mind that I have a 9.5 month old and a three year old. It's a possibility that the little one ate the watch and the oldest has assumed ownership of the phone. Well, I had Tyler in one hand and was franticly searching for my phone. I called it twice and it was ringing, but I could not hear it. Finally after the third time, I hear a voice on the other end. It was my little girl who was in her room supposedly putting on her shoes. I laughed and heard her say, this is...her full name...who is this? I said this is your mommy, why do you have my phone!?
About that time I walked into her room and she said that her brother had brought the phone into her room. *LOL*
My watch is still MIA.

Well, nobody was out and about yesterday. I got caught speeding on the way to drop the kids off. Yep, I saw those blue lights and my heart sank...under my breath I was saying some naughty words. Shelby asked what's wrong mommy? I told her I was going too fast and the cop was stopping me to tell me to slow down.
Luckily I did not get a ticket...THANK YOU, officer.
Anyhow, I cried. I had a horrible morning, the baby was up all night Sunday night. So, that was the icing on the cake! But, anyhow I didn't tell my mother in law about it when I dropped the kids off because I was in a hurry and knew I had to drive the speed limit on the way to work!
She called me after I got to work and asked me if I was okay. I laughed and asked her what she had been told.
My daughter told her that mommy was driving too fast and a police man stopped her and talked to her and made her cry and cry. *LOL*

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Renee' said...

When it rains it pours doesnt it :)