Thursday, May 04, 2006


Made to and from the afternoon at the spa despite the flood waters all around. I had a nice, relaxing afternoon. I am not too fond of the toe nail's darker than I like...a deep red. I am more of a pink kinda gal. So, I don't know how long it'll last. But, it does look really nice and shiny!!

The kiddos stayed with the in-laws 'cause I was afraid if we did go out and get them that I would not be able to get them back out there in the morning. There are crazy flooded streets all around and we are expecting more rain. The town we live in actually made the state news. Brien was coming home and went around a baracade over a flooded street and when he got to the other side, there was a news crew. I don't normally watch that channel, so I missed any footage, but they have a little story on their website. *LOL* So, he might have made the news, he was in his work truck, so that would be FREE advertising if so. Heh heh
*****Brien Black Plumbing 501-230-6491*****
"He'll brave torrential flood waters to keep you dry! *LOL*

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