Friday, April 28, 2006

You're Never Too Old To Learn

(contribuited by Linda Hicks of the local paper)

*Don't try to second guess ANYONE!!
*Men Gossip
*You can't camoflage a food splatter on a shirt.
*If one says they don't want a food, they are not going to eat it no matter how healthy
it is for them.
*If you want him to do something, tell him. Don't waste your time getting mad or
pouting because he is not sensitive enough to catch your little hints.
*Say what you mean. No head games. For instance, tell him that you want a present
for Valentine's Day, Anniversary, etc. Not only that, draw a picture or cut the ad
out of the paper and include the description size, color, cost, etc remind him of where
it can be found and give him the check to go pay for it. He has other good qualities,
just dwell on those.
*Not everyone in the house will want to eat the same thing for dinner on any given night.
*The toilet seat will be left up occasionally.
*REALLY, don't sweat the little things.
*Ticks and mosquitos are equal opportunity biters.
*All glass items that hit the tile floor will shatter.
*Gasoline will never drop below $1 again (although I think that should now say $2)
*And last but not least, tell those that you love that you care. You never know when
you won't have a second chance!

I thought those were cute and it'd be a good way to end the week with a laugh or two!
Hope you all have a good weekend.

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Jaws said...

*Ticks and mosquitos are equal opportunity biters. LOLOLOL

My 7 year old is a bug magnet. If there is a bug that bites with in a mile it finds her.