Wednesday, April 26, 2006

This week in your Baby's Development

Tyler is learning to grasp small objects between his thumb and index finger and can judge depth more accurately, both of which will have him picking up everything from a favorite toy to each crumb of dropped food you missed when cleaning the floor. Tyler is also starting to respond to simple commands and may give Mommy a toy or share his finger food. What a giver! Yes, this is all true!! He'll pick up a small piece of paper in the floor now. I have to really watch him. He loves to crawl in sister's room, so we have to be careful what she has in the floor in there. It's getting about time to start putting up gates again!

The ability to sit unassisted for 15 minutes and reach for a toy without losing his balance will have both of you beaming with pride. You have many reasons for commending Tyler now. . . not that you needed another excuse to show your adoration. Yes, he loves to sit up and play with his toys.

As Tyler is becoming more attached to you, he might also be becoming more attached to an inanimate object, such as his pacifier, a toy, or a favorite blanket. This is another sign of separation anxiety. As your baby realizes that you may not always be there right by his side, he decides to attach himself to something that he can keep with him at all times. This insecurity may also be intensified by a big change, such as a new babysitter, or if you moved into a new, bigger house. I think after we cut in this other top tooth (he got another one this weekend) we're going to try to break him from the paci. We'll see how that goes. He really only wants it when he sleeps. I don't ever get a full night's rest anyhow, so I might as well give it a whirl!

Tyler is probably pulling himself up and may be able to lean against furniture with his hands free. Despite taking lots of tumbles, your baby is determined to conquer gravity. Soften his falls by placing rugs or blankets under the furniture he uses for balance. He loves to pull himself up. He gets a big smile on his face when he does so, then he gets anxious and usually lets go and falls back down.

Don't feel pressured to wean your little one simply because he is eating solid foods now. There are many benefits to extended nursing, including the infection-fighting antibodies he receives with each ounce of breast milk, and the unique bonding that occurs during nursing. Remember, experts advise that breast milk (or formula) should still make up 75 percent of your baby's daily diet throughout the second half of his first year. He really loves to drink tea. I usually give him a little unsweetened, decaffinated with his dinner. He likes that.

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