Thursday, April 20, 2006

This months weigh in

Once again I am pulling out my soapbox and saying how much I love my CURVES! : )
I went in yesterday for my monthly body analysis. I got good news once again. Here are my results. If you don't have a gym that you are committed to, I highly reccomend Curves (to all my lady readers, since it is women only). It's a great work out environment. You go in and do your workout and talk with other gals and play games and such while you are working out and it makes the 30 minutes fly by. Anyhow, I hope that if you are not a member of any other gym and you are thinking about begining a workout program that you will consider Curves if there is one in your area!

Here are the results. Keep in mind this is just since my last month's weigh in. I can't find my other sheets (I guess they are at home) that has my starting weight and such. So, I can't say the total lost yet. I do know that I am 18lbs down so far! Whoo hoo...

Total inches: 3.75
Total Pounds: 5
Total Body Fat lbs: 4.08

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